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Made of Electricity

Our Vision

Made of Electricity is the change that education system in India is looking for, we are a Non profit Organization for a cause. Indian education system has been suffering a lot of instability and we want to stop that suffering.I am not talking about the big and bold cities but rather poor villages which need our help in overcoming the loss they are suffering due to advancement of technology. 

We are electrical engineers who want the villages to see the advancement of our technology, concentrating the growth around the capital city leads to destruction of the villages far from the capital city.

Our main focus:

1. Advancement of agriculture techniques and cultivating healthy habits in the villages.

2. Educating the poor and making them capable so that they can stand on their feet.

This site helps us to fund our projects ,There are two upcoming projects which are at design stage.

The first project is the F.I.M-Free Internet Machine and second is F.E.M-Free Education Machine

R and D: We have tied up with SS Power Systems who has a strong R and D department, their new product capacitor fault detector is first in the Industry.They are designing these products for our cause.

As a responsible citizen of India we believe its our duty to build the Nation we are dreaming and let our fellow Indians also dream about their future.

We make Educational Videos and use them on the FEM for people who can't afford an internet connection.

We give people Internet connection by FIM and make them knowledgeable to tackle the growth in the technology.

I invite all the people who feel they can help us in any way to join and make our India great. 


We are very transparent we also like to tell you that we spend 30% of the funds raised for the salaries of the employed and for Research and Development

The other 70% to manufacture, train the people and maintain the F.I.M and FEM machines.

We also post the people who donated for the cause and let them know how we spent their money effectively by Newsletters and videos.stay tuned for more updates